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Dental Pain Causes and Solutions

Most people take their healthy teeth for granted. Our teeth work hard every day, and most of us never give them a second thought unless we are brushing them. However, the moment your teeth or mouth begin to hurt, you can’t seem to get it off your mind.

Dental pain is serious business and can keep even the toughest person miserable with pain. Fortunately, most dental pain can be fixed by a trip to your dentist. Even better, many dental pain situations can also be prevented so that you aren’t hurting in the first place.

Bleeding and Painful Gums
Let’s start with pain that isn’t in your tooth. Instead, if you have ever had bleeding, swollen, or painful gums, you know that this type of dental pain can be just as serious as a toothache. Gum problems can be a red flag for periodontitis, a gum disease the can be devastating. If you are experiencing painful or swollen gums, give our office a call. We would love to schedule a check up to get your gums healthy again.

Jaw Pain
TMJ, or temporomandibular joint dysfunction, can cause significant jaw pain. Fortunately, there are easy ways to alleviate the pain by visiting your dentist. Unfortunately, leaving TMJ without treatment can not only worsen jaw pain, but can also lead to headaches.

Tooth Pain
When you have a toothache, you may not know why your tooth is hurting, but you do know that you are miserable. Tooth pain can be caused by a variety of reasons, including decay or infection. In any case, your dentist will be able to quickly identify the cause and bring you relief. If you are experiencing tooth pain, don’t suffer too long; instead, make an emergency visit to your dentist’s office so that you can get the relief you need.

You can prevent dental distress by keeping up with good oral habits. Brush your teeth twice per day, floss, and keep up with your twice yearly check-ups with your dentist. These appointments are crucial in your dental health plan.

If you are searching for a dentist office that is experienced, friendly, and patient-focused, we would love to meet you. East Erie Dental is currently accepting new patients; give us a call to set your first appointment!

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