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End of the Year Dental To-Do List

There are only two more months in 2018 – where has the time gone? The next eight weeks are busy ones, packed full of holiday get-togethers and end-of-the-year obligations. Before the rest of 2018 slips through your fingers, take some time to assure you are taking full advantage of your dental health benefits and giving your family the best chance at stellar oral health. Here are just a few items to add to your calendar; get these done before the end of the year to stay healthy and get the most for your money.

Review Your Benefits
Head down to your company’s Human Resources office, or call your dental insurance provider directly to determine your annual benefits. Believe it or not, this only takes about fifteen minutes, and you can find out what benefits you haven’t taken advantage of this year. Most insurance companies offer free or heavily discounted semi-annual exams, along with other oral health preventative care. Learn about your deductibles and benefits before you proceed to our next tip.

Call Your Dental Office
After you have a general knowledge of your dental benefits, call your dental office. The professionals here at East Erie Dental love chatting with our clients and we are able to help them get the care they need while staying within their insurance benefits or budget. Not only can we schedule in that last dental check-up before the year ends, but we can also advise you on if it is wise to pull the trigger on some of those other procedures you need. Thanks to your yearly deductible, now may just be the perfect time to invest in the crown or implants you need. You’ll never know unless you call us for advice customized for your situation.

Make the Appointments
Finally, make the appointments for your dental care before you get off the phone with our office staff. Your next few months are only going to get busier and feel more hectic, and we know if you wait to schedule your procedure, you will likely postpone it until next year. Commit to your oral health now and mark it on your family’s calendar.

Looking to know more about your dental benefits or need to schedule an appointment before the end of the year? Give our helpful office staff a call today; we are here to help and are dedicated to assuring you get the oral care you need to stay healthy.

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