Clear, Comfortable, and Removable Braces

Although traditional metal braces can correct spacing, crowding, and biting issues, they are commonly known for their obnoxious presence and lack of comfort. Invisalign offers an alternative solution that can correct all of the issues traditional braces can with clear and removable aligners.

As a relatively new dental technique, our dentists at East Erie Dental – SE Chicago Dentistryoffer Invisalign because they are clear braces made from durable, hard plastic and are virtually undetectable when being worn.

The following outlines the process for wearing Invisalign braces:

  • Wear customized aligner for two weeks
  • Remove to eat, brush, and floss
  • Remove aligner after two weeks and replace with the next in the series
  • Repeat process until complete

With each new set of aligners you use, you will be able to detect a small shift in your teeth spacing and will gradually feel your teeth moving. The complete process generally takes less than one year and we proudly offer financing for qualified patients.

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